This weekend on of my VMs started going down after working properly for several months. It’s a Windows Server 2008 R2 running SQL. I kept getting an error message saying that “There is no more space for virtual disk *.vmdk.

image image

If I canceled out of the error message the VM would go down. If I started the VM up again, it worked fine for several hours, but then the error messages pops up again.

This VM resides on shared storage (iSCSI volume on a SAN), so I’ve checked it and it looked fine. iSCSI volume it was living on was 300 GB in size. VM had two disks: 60 GBs for the system and another 220 GB disk for data. It was allocated 16 GBs of vRAM. So really it was using 60GB (Disk1) + 220GB (Disk2) + 16GB (vRAM swap), for a total of 296 GB with 4 GB left over.

So, I SSH to the host running this VM. I navigate to the volume holding the vmdk and I notice references to a snapshot and a delta file.


Back in the vCenter server I take a look at the Snapshot Manager and to my surprise there is a snapshot of the VM listed there.

image image

It appears that the previous nights Symantec Backup Exec 2012 backup job failed to run/complete properly. Snapshot of the VM was created but never deleted after the backup job was over (or failed).

Selecting the Snapshot in question from the Snapshot Manager and then selecting Delete All, got rid of it and freed up space required for the VM to operate properly.

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