To configure Adobe ColdFusion 11 instance to send email out, you need to access Administration page. Default address is http://servername/CFIDE/administrator/index.cfm. You can then navigate to Server Settings and select Mail to specify your mail server related settings.

You hit Submit changes and you see the Connection Verification Successful message.


But what’s the easiest way to validate these settings and make sure you are able to send an email out?

Open Notepad and paste the template shown below, then save the document as cfmail.cfm, for example.


to=”” from=”” bcc=”” subject=”subject line”>
body of the email

Copy the cfmail.cfm file to the root of your Default Web Site. Now you can use your web browser to navigate to https://servername/cfmail.cfm.

Nothing is going to happen – you will see a blank page, however if your ColdFusion Mail settings are correct, you should see a new message in the mailbox.

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