We will be using the Infor SyteLine Portal Manager to apply the latest Portals patch, but first we have to obtain the patch. You can get it from www.inforxtreme.com if you search for knowledge base article 1459104. The file we are looking for is SL 8.03 Portal Patch IPF 2.1 Build 34.zip.

Extract the zip archive, and review the ReadMe file.

Browse to the location of the extracted zip archive. Navigate to the Solutions subfolder and run the Install batch file as administrator. You will see a command prompt window pop up and the patch update process. Once it completes just type exit and press enter.


Next, we’ll need to update the content. To do so, we need to run the Infor SyteLine Portal Manager as administrator.

Click on the Import tab and specify the Source Folder. This will be the location of the Content subfolder in the extracted archive you have downloaded previously.

Assuming that you’ve downloaded the patch to c:\downloads and extracted the zip archive to a folder labeled SL 8.03 Portal Patch IPF 2.1 Build 34. You’d want to specify the Source folder as c:\download\SL 8.03 Portal Patch IPF 2.1 Build 34\Content\\Customer Portal Content.


In the center window pane make sure all checkboxes are checked. Also, in the Target Portal URL dropdown box select the appropriate portal you would like to update. Once you’ve made all of these selections, click on the Process button. This will take you to the Summery window. Click on the Start button to proceed.

Once completed successfully, in the bottom window pane of the Portal Manager window you will see “Import Completed”.

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