To update the iDRAC firmware on the Dell M1000E blade chassis first you’ll need to log in to the CMC (Chassis Management Controller) web interface.


Under the Component/Device Update Filter check the box next to iDRAC.


Then scroll down and select the blade who’s iDRAC firmware you’d like to update. Check the box to the right. On the bottom of the page click on Choose File and browse to the firmware you’ve previously downloaded. Yes, it is an executable file (.exe).


Select the Reboot Mode (either On Next Reboot or Reboot Now) and click on Update  to proceed.

Alternatively (instead of updating the iDRAC firmware from the chassis) you can do the update from the iDRAC GUI. To do so, select the blade server from Server Overview on the left, then click on Launch iDRAC GUI button on the right.


On the left hand side click on Update and Rollback menu option, then click on Choose File to navigate to the iDRAC firmware file (at the time of this writing the latest available version was labeled ESM_Firmware_XH6FX_WN64_1.57.57_A00.exe).


Click on the Upload button. Once it’s done uploading the firmware, review the Update Details and when ready to proceed check the box to the left of the Firmware file name and click on the Install button in the bottom.


Once you click on Install a System Alert box will pop-up. Click on Job Queue.


This will take you to a Job Queue where you can monitor the status of the task. Initially it’ll say Downloading, then the iDRAC will reboot (not the blade).

Note that the later way of updating the firmware on the iDRAC is not service disruptive – blade server does not need to be rebooted.

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