You may have encountered a situation where multiple people need to work on the same resource (Windows Server). To troubleshoot an issue, ideally you want all people involved to be looking at the same thing (desktop session).

Tools like LogMeIn, VNC or TeamViewer could be used for this purpose, however in some environments these present a security concern and are not allowed.

Microsoft has a built in utility that can help “shadow” a Remote Desktop session.

On a server click on the Start button, then All Programs and navigate to Administrative Tools. Locate the Remote Desktop Services folder and select Remote Desktop Services Manager.


In the Remote Desktop Services Manager window that comes up you will see listed all currently active RDP sessions to this particular resource. Select the session you’d like to shadow, right-click on it then select Remote Control from the menu that appears.


Currently active session user will be prompted to accept the Remote Control. Once approved you’ll be able to share the session with the originally connected user.

Before you connect you will be prompted to select the key combination to end the shared session. Default key combination is Tab and CTRL.


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