Local drives on Windows server not accessible

An issue came up on a newly provisioned Windows server running SQL. It was provisioned with multiple partitions (drives), however when you access the server using a domain user account that is not a member of the Domain admin group, some of the drives are not accessible.


vCenter Server 5.5 CPU utilization 100%

When users try to connect to the vCenter server via the VMware vSphere client they get an error message:

“vSphere Client could not connect to “vcenter”. An unknown connection error occurred. (The request failed because of a connection failure. (Unable to connect to the remote server))”


Script to delete old Infor SyteLine Report Output files

Infor SyteLine creates a .pdf file every time any user runs a report. By default these files are saved on the Utility server in the SyteLine file share (actual path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Infor\SyteLine\Report\OutputFiles). The amount of space these files take can grow quite quickly and it Infor recommends purging of old (stale) reports on a regular basis.


Timestamp logs on Force10 FTOS

When you enabled logging on FTOS by default it doesn’t timestamp the log entries. Instead it shows that an event occurred this many minutes/hours/days/weeks ago from the time you issued the show logging command.


Determine which Infor SyteLine products and patches are installed

Your Infor ERP system consists of the core Infor SyteLine product as well as Infor SyteLine add-on products and/or 3rd party add-on products. On top of all of that, as part of your regular maintenance you may have applied patches to your ERP.

How do you determine which versions of all of these components you are currently running as well as what patches are currently applies to the system (or need to be applied)?