User reported that she’s not receiving email on her Samsung smartphone and tablet after successfully configuring an Exchange email account.

After reviewing Active Directory Attributes on the Domain Controller, using adsiedit.msc noticed that adminCount for this particular user account was set to 1.


Clear this value (value is now <not set>) in the Attribute Editor by clicking on the Edit button, then Clear button.


Next, click on the Security tab, then Advanced button and check the box next to Allow inheritable permissions from the parent to propagate to this object and all child objects.

Finally, used Active Directory Sites and Services to force replication to the remote site (where the Exchange cluster is). Navigated to the appropriate Site, expanded it, then expanded Servers and selected NTDS Settings under the appropriate AD server. Then on in the right hand side window pane right-clicked on the AD server and selected Replicate Now.

Once changes were replicated user started to receive emails on her smartphone and tablet.

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