Obtain the appropriate software installer and license from http://www.inforxtreme.com. In this post we will describe how to install version 11.1.0 of the EPAK Developer client, and then upgrade it to Service Pack 2 (ver

Run the setup.exe installer from the Infor_v11.1.0 folder using an administrative account

When prompted for a License Key file click on the Browse button


Select the license.xml file and click on Open, then click on Next


On the next screen, select the Developer Client, from the Configuration drop-down menu, and click Next


Leave Full Developer Client and Record It! Client checkboxes checked, then click on the Next button


Click through the next screen(s), using the default values, then click on the Install button.

Once installation has been completed, click on Finish.


Next, we’ll need to install the EPAK Developer Client Service Pack 2, by running the Infor_v11.1.0.2.exe using an administrative account

When prompted, select EPAK Developer, from the Application to update drop-down menu.


Click through the following screen(s), then press the Install button

Once installation of the Service Pack has been completed successfully, click on the Finish button.


Start the EPAK Developer Client application

Use the Profile Wizard, to configure the user profile

When prompted, enter in the Library location, i.e. http://servername/odscontent


In the Credentials window, enter end users username and password. (Default administrative credentials are admin/admin)


Click through the remaining prompts using the default values

Once completed, click on the Finish button.

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