We have noticed that fans in the Dell M1000E chassis we are using occasionally rev up for prolonged periods of time out of the blue.

To troubleshoot this issue, SSH to the CMC for the chassis. You can collect and review various logs using the command below.

$ dumplogs


This will generate a lot of output. You may want to have your console save it to a log file. Another useful command is racadm racdump.

$ racadm racdump

To review information related to the fans, issue command below.

$ racadm getfanreqinfo


One thing that immediately stood out is the fan speed of the blade server in slot 13 – 67% as opposed to 38% of all the remaining blades. Comparing the iDRAC firmware versions we were able to determine that blade servers in slots 12 through 14, are running older versions.


We’ve decided to update iDRAC firmware for blade situated in slot 13. See this post for a walkthrough on how to do this.

Immediately after this process was completed we’ve noticed the fan speed for this particular slot going down to normal levels.


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