You need to be running ASDM version 6.2 or newer and ASA version 8.2(2) or greater.

Start ASDM.

Alternatively you can use your web browser. Go to https://ASAIPAddress/admin and select Run ASDM.


Select Configuration> Device Management> Logging, then select NetFlow.


Configure the value (in minutes) for “Template Timeout Rate”, check off the “Delay transmission of flow creation events for short-lived flows” check box. Next, add a NetFlow Collector.


Select the interface, specify the IP address and UDP port (default value is 2055).

Next we want to click on the Firewall tab and select Service Policy Rules, then click on Add.



Select the Netflow tab and click on Add


Select the collector address you want to sent Flow data to.


Click Finish.

Below is a sample CLI configuration:

no logging message 106015
no logging message 106023
no logging message 106100
no logging message 302013
no logging message 302014
no logging message 302015
no logging message 302016
no logging message 302017
no logging message 302018
no logging message 302020
no logging message 302021
no logging message 313001
no logging message 313008
no logging message 710003
flow-export template timeout-rate 1
flow-export delay flow-create 15
flow-export destination inside XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX 2055
class-map global-class
  description ALL_TRAFFIC
  match any
policy-map global_policy
  description NETFLOW
  class global-class
    flow-export event-type all destination XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX

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