Connect to the appropriate configuration using the Infor SyteLine client, then select Form menu option, and click on Open… (or use the Ctrl+O keyboard shortcut).


Navigate to the Doc-Trak Parameters form and click OK.


You’ll see the version of the product you are using listed in the field located in the top left of the form. In our scenario current version of the software is The Lake Companies Doc-Trak Version 2012 Service Pack 1.

Another way to do this is to connect to your SQL server using the SQL Server Management Studio, then select and expand the appropriate App database. Next, you’ll want to select and expand Tables, and verify that a table labeled dbo.lc_system_values exists. Here you can run the following query:

select * from lc_system_values

The results are going to contain information about currently installed The Lake Companies, Inc. products similar to output shown below.


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