Determine which Infor SyteLine products and patches are installed

Your Infor ERP system consists of the core Infor SyteLine product as well as Infor SyteLine add-on products and/or 3rd party add-on products. On top of all of that, as part of your regular maintenance you may have applied patches to your ERP.

How do you determine which versions of all of these components you are currently running as well as what patches are currently applies to the system (or need to be applied)?


Copy users in Infor SyteLine

In Infor SyteLine you define user accounts in the Users form. Let’s say you’ve created many (hundreds or thousands) of user accounts in one of your sites. You are most likely going to want all of those user accounts configured in other sites or entities if you are using a multisite environment. Alternatively, you may have a production and a development environment and you want to have same user accounts configured in both places. User accounts can be manually created in the additional sites/environments or you can use the Copy User Tables 2008 utility to do so.