Information below outlines how to configure a Force10 switch running FTOS to obtain it’s time from a the Network Time Protocol (NTP) server.

show ntp status will display the current NTP status. You can see that the clock is not synchronized, nor is a reference clock specified. As you’ll see later on, once you complete the NTP configuration, the IP address of the NTP server will be displayed here.

F03#show NTP status


You can confirm that ntp is not configured because no master or peers are displayed when issuing the show ntp associations command.

F03#show ntp associations


Commands below will configure your switch to get it’s time from an NTP server at, and set the time zone as EST. ntp update-calendar will then instruct the hardware clock with the NTP synchronized time.

F03(conf)#ntp server
F03(conf)#clock timezone est -5
F03(conf)#ntp update-calendar
F03#show ntp status


F03#show clock
F03#show ntp associations


If you now review the NTP status and associations you will find that your Force10 switch is synchronizing it’s clock with the NTP server you have specified.

Lastly, to review the section of running configuration that relates to NTP you can use the command below.

show run | find ntp

Additional information about NTP configuration can be found in the FTOS Command Line Interface Reference starting on page 227.

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