Create a copy of a multisite environment in Infor Syteline

Below I’ll describe how to create a copy of a multisite environment in Infor Syteline 8.03.XX. You can use this procedure to duplicate an existing environment that you are using or to create a new environment out of your “seed” environment. Seed environment would be your fully configured environment that does not contain any transactional data. You can create copies of  this “template” (clean environment) with different names to create test and/or production environments.

Assuming you have backups going for your existing multisite environment, first thing you’ll want to do is to create a copy of each of your databases by restoring them from the source backup and then renaming them so that they have the target’s naming convention.


Object:Profiles_UX, Type:17 error message in Infor Syteline

When creating a user account in Syteline 8.03.11 you receive the error message:

Error Message does not exist. Object: Profiles_UX, Type:17

You start the SL client and navigate to the Users form. You can create a new user account and populate the appropriate account information, however when you click on the Save button you receive the error message shown below.