Read: Crusaders of Dorn by Guy Haley

Just finished reading Crusaders of Dorn by Guy Haley.

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Bornvel – location, Imperial outpost

Xereus Crusade

Madrigal Crusade

Strike cruiser Majesty – ship, Black Templars

Brother-initiate Brusc of the Black Templars  – Chapter heirs to Primarch Rogal Dorn

Sigismund – Champion, the first Templar

Brotherhood of the Sword

Prior Godwine

Lord Chaplain Hrollo

Neophyte Parsival

Brother-initiate Amund

Hamadad Collective

Museum of Eradication

Circle of Honour




Forbidden Lands of Fergax



Sword Brotherhood

Sword Brethren

Brother Castellan Adelard

Sword of Challenge

Cantus Maxim Gloria – Ironclad class dreadnought

Place of Challenge

Veritas Diras – Black Templar cathedral ship

Goshan – location

Macharian Circuit

Brother Godwin

Dominar Crusade

Brother Ercus

Brother Morholt – pilot of the assault shuttle

Sword Brother Rolan


Dolus – Crusade’s forgemaster

High Marshal Helbrecht

Ghoul Stars – location

The Eternal Crusader – ship, Black Templars flagship

Majesty – ship, Black Templars heavy cruiser

Night’s Vigil – ship, Black Templars battle barge

Revenant – ship, strike cruiser of the Death Spectres Chapter

The Chamber Militant of the Ghoul Stars Crusade Inner Circle

Naroosh – Fourth captain of the Death Spectres Space Marine Chapter

Serjeant Majoris Valdric master of the Chapter’s warrior-serfs

Shipmaster Baloster

World Crypt – location

Sword Brother Gulvein

Bayard- Emperor’s Champion of the Ghoul Stars Crusade

Theoderic – Master of Sanctity

Castellan Ceonulf

Jurisian – Master of the Forge

Abbot Giscard

Monasterium Certituda


Cythor fiends – xenos, ghouls

9836-18 | Grave Core – location, planet, 3rd planet in the system, 18th planet targeted by the 9836th Black Templars Crusade

Crusader Squad Victorious

Brother Guthrith of Helbrecht’s command squad

Brother Eadwine of squad Victorious

Brothers-in-the-Forge Yota, Skardus, Herl

Sword-brothers Aelfgar, Sotrnem, Giraldus, Leofric

Monasterium Certituda

Invictus Potens – Dreadnought, Brother Adelard prior to death

Brother-apothecary Hengist

Brother-apothecary Clovis

Armageddon sector

Cantus Maxim Gloria – Ironclad class dreadnought

Marshal Ricard

Brusc – neophyte

Apothecary Hengist

Ash Wastes Crusade

Helsreach – crusade

Reclusiarch Grimaldus

Ash Wastes crusade under Marshal Ricard and Marshal Amalrich

Void Crusade under High Marshal Helbrecht

Vellinus – location

Cemetery Worlds – location






Artemisia – blessed

Kellon – name of the human that b came the space marine that died and b came the dreadnought invictus

Brother Sunno

Cataphraxes- Black Templars Rhino

Brother Osric

Captain Lisander of the Imperial Fists

Commissar Yarrick


Lieutenant Sanjeed Ghaskar of the Jopal indentured squadrons

Acheron – location

Hospice of the he Blessed Lady Santanna

Sister Rosa of the Hospitallers of the Adeptas Sororitas

Infernus – location

Hive Helsreach- location

Temple of the Emperor Ascendant – location

Sunno’s neophyte – Doneal

Suflimar – Jopal

Bapoli – Jopal

Srinergee- Jopal

Kalidar Crusade

Lord Solar Macharius

Primarch Angron

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